Case Study: Influencer Engagement


Influencers Power a Brand Evolution

Though a dynamic company with thriving consultancies, expanding digital services, and innovative research, PwC was struggling to be known for more than its accounting services.

Introduced an influencer engagement program to shine a stronger spotlight on PwC’s transformation by amplifying the company’s emerging trend research, the Consumer Intelligence Series (CIS).

Targeting an upcoming customer experience report, we identified and mapped recognized customer experience experts and futurists. These influencers were engaged to champion the CX report via their digital and editorial channels, and amplified their content using native advertising.

– Established partnerships with 17 influencer who co-created original content, including contributed bylines for Inc. and Forbes, LinkedIn publishing, and podcast interviews

– Influencer content generated 87M impressions and 35M social media reach over just a few months

– Most importantly, influencers drove almost 2,000 downloads of the CIS CX Report, the highest number in a decade of CIS